Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Acosta, Evan 8:19 Single 29940
Ambrose, Thomas DNS Single 999999995
Floyd, Spencer DNF Single 999999998
Fowler, Fred 11:38 VP Single 41880
Galley, Luke 10:37 Single 38220
Hirschbold, Markus 10:10 Single 36600
Litster, Gord 9:54 Single 35640
Maitland, Michael 10:10 Single 36600
McLaren, Keith 11:38 VP Single 41880
Proulx, Louise DNF Single 999999998
Tough, Murray 10:10 Single 36600

This is a test event for the AGM ride in October.  Main start is at the Stonehouse Pub in Canoe Cove.  An alternate start at Galloping Goose Regional Park on Atkins Rd is available. Yes, the AGM, fantastic brunch and the ride prior to the AGM will take place on the Island this year. Reserve the dates of October 14th and 15th on your calendars now.

If you are driving to the start, there is angle parking on Canoe Cove Rd. on the south side of the road just prior to the pub access road.

If you are driving to Atkins Station on the Galloping Goose, parking is available at the end of Atkins Rd in the park parking lot on the right. Please indicate either Atkins or Stonehouse in your registration.

It is planned to have the two starts staffed.

Please note that the control card that is presented in the database is not the complete control card. The questions are missing!  Print off the control card that is emailed to you in the 'Good to Go' email.

See you at one of the two starts and at the secret control!