Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Fowler, Fred 15:46 VP Single 56760
Galley, Luke 16:08 Single 58080
Hirschbold, Markus 15:13 Single 54780
Litster, Gord 15:46 VP Single 56760
Nguyen, Thai 14:12 Single 51120

A hilly route, traditional for a PBP year.  Park along Kimta Rd for the start at the Shell Station.

This course takes you out along the West Coast Rd to Jordan River. In the westbound direction, the rider navigates through the municipality of Sooke on Otterpoint Rd.  The shoulders that have been added to the West Coast Road in east and west directions have greatly enhanced the road cycling experience.  Other roads that have not been ridden on brevets in a while are Ross-Durance and Prospect Lake Rd.   Registration is open. The pre-ride is tomorrow, July 1st.  Any updates willl be added here.

Notes from pre-riders:

The Jordan River Jaunt is a ride that likes to present many of the hills in the GVA that you may not have ridden in a while. When there is not a hill there is a head wind.  We saw almost no traffic on East Sooke rd, which made for a very pleasant ride.  Most of Otter Point rd had been repaved recently and the cars were pretty respectful of the cyclists. We finished later than we thought. Riders should have a plan for a dark finish. 

  • km 51.6 takes you past services.  Make sure you have water
  • km 52.2 takes you across Sooke River bridge.  The lane is narrow.  You can go behind the barriers onto the sidewalk if you are more comfortable.
  • km 66.2 trail is a bit overgrown and some riders may want to walk their bike a short distance.
  • km 87.1. No restroom at the control.  Toilets and water availabe at the campground 700m back towards Victoria
  • km 148.8 Control 3.  Suggest moving 200m to washroom.  (Organizer note: done)
  • km 154.7 (Shell Gas) is the last spot to top up water before Brentwood Bay.  It's only 24 km, but with the climbing and heat it can seem like forever when you're low on water.
  • km 263.1 (Viaduct trail) has a few trails that might mislead and could be tricky in the dark.  (Organizer note: removed this and relocated Control 7 to accommodate.)