Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Biddlecombe, Erin 8:44 Single 31440
Doering, Carol 9:16 Single 33360
Fast, Willi 9:16 Single 33360
Malek, Alard 10:13 Single 36780
Nygren, Rob 10:13 Single 36780
Schilling, Christine 8:44 Single 31440
Spink, Rod DNF Single 999999998
Stary, Peter 9:16 Single 33360

Welcome to Comox Valleys epic 200 km Brevet. On this ride you cover the entire Comox Valley on quiet country roads where you may not see many cars, a few kms on the highway will allow you to get into a pace line (not much traffic at 8:00am) and a little bit of city riding. You’ll enjoy the moderate climbs, riding along the ocean, and a couple of staffed controls. Lots of option for food, drinks, and snacks along the way. Hotels are close to the start plus lots of places to park. If you have a tent you can set up in my back yard, plus I have some drive way space for a few WESTIES. (I’ll have a bathroom and  shower for you. Last year a bunch of us went out for a beer at Aces Brewery--maybe this year we will do Gladstones. Stephen, Alard, and I are hoping you’ll make the trip.


Pre-ride notes:

  • km 12.0 short gravel stretch
  • km 86.5 Caution on descent.  Tight winding corners
  • km 87.4 short gravel stretch
  • km 88.7 Minor construction for about 1km.  May be finished by ride time.