Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 24:43 Single 88980
Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
den Braber, Rick 24:43 Single 88980
Goodison, Bob 19:24 Single 69840
Koen, Bob 24:43 Single 88980

Scenic, fun ride. A mix of highway and secondary roads, one short ferry.Spectacular scenery. Highway sections have good shoulder. Some 24 hour services available. 

There is no water available at Helmcken Falls. There is a small store at Helmcken Falls Lodge, 12 km before and after the turnaround, with very limited stock. They have some water, pop, chips and ice cream bars.  The Esso on the south side of Barriere is still open 24 hours. If you are later than 9 pm at Clearwater, there is a 24 hr gas station on Hwy 5 just north of Clearwater Valley Rd.


Pavement is mostly very good. There are some frost/root heaves close to the falls. They are repaving Shuswap Road. Eastbound is mostly done, but there are four short sections of gravel, each about 30 m long. Cattleguards have wide strips welded on for bikes, but a couple of them had rather harsh transitions from pavement to cattleguards.