Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Adams, Steve 19:57 Single 71820000
Arscott, Deirdre 16:09 Single 58140000
Bilinski, Jacques 15:20 Single 55200000
Bodden, Dan DNF VP Single 999999999
Bonner, Kenneth 14:10 Single 51000000
DuFeu, Dan 13:07 Single 47220000
Ford, Mark 16:09 Single 58140000
Haynes, Melissa 16:27 Single 59220000
Hazelbower, Josh 19:57 Single 71820000
Hopcraft, Francis 15:52 Single 57120000
Jansson, Mikael 17:25 Single 62700000
LePage, Bob 16:09 Single 58140000
Lylack, Craig 12:08 VP Single 43680000
Stedman, Roxanne 14:24 Single 51840000

h an elevation of + 3951 / - 3943 meters I am very impressed with the caliber of riders that showed up for the Once Over 300. Every rider faced down the dreaded climb out of Port Renfrew to make for a 100% completion rate on event day.

Tenacity and teamwork to overcome flats, derailleur cable issues, shifter failures, and other mechanical issues. Weathering everything from heavy rain to light hail then strong headwinds on the Renfrew descent in the early parts of the ride, they were rewarded with sunshine and tailwinds going home.

A sow with cub held up Deirdre, Bob, Francis and Mark on the Coastal return. I'll leave it to the riders to share their tales of the road.

Josh and Steve took on the worst of the morning weather, dragged their heels throughout the ride, dealt with flats, overcame mechanicals and set up a challenge few would dare to risk. In the end Josh managed to arrive seconds later than Steve, cementing infamy on his blue Marinoni. A fitting tribute to "Fire in the Frame".