Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bancroft, Tom 11:05 Single 39900
Bernhardt, Luis 9:21 Single 33660
Bosley, Mitchell 11:05 Single 39900
Cullum, Chris 8:40 VP Single 31200
Davidson, Peter DNF Single 999999998
Eldridge, Robert 11:31 Single 41460
Gaspar, Julio DNF Single 999999998
Gatiss-Wild, Jon 12:12 Single 43920
Harris, Leigh 10:13 Single 36780
King, Dave 8:17 Single 29820
Lach, David 10:30 Single 37800
Lai, Christopher 9:48 Single 35280
Longpre, Mark 8:14 Single 29640
McIntosh, Michael 8:53 Single 31980
Nichol, Ross 9:48 Single 35280
Payten, Mark 10:13 Single 36780
Pelletier, Michel 8:14 Single 29640
Rossi, Daniel 11:31 Single 41460
Simpson, Daniel 8:17 Single 29820

11th Hour Ride Report

After beautiful fall weather on Thursday, 18 brave souls decided to try their luck at the 11th Hour 11 Beaches 200K brevet on Friday, November 11th. The weather held mild for the ride with only minor drizzle on the way to Porteau Cove. The route passed by the site of the horrific bike crash that happened last Sunday, and riders paid their respects.

Many riders dealt with flat tires, but two riders had to abandon due to mechanicals and the like. The prize for making the 11th Hour 11 Beaches Ride on the 11th Day of the 11 month in close to 11 hours goes to Thomas Bancroft and Mitchell Bosley, who completed the ride in 11h 5 min.

Thank you to Chris Cullun for pre-riding the route with a Garmin to verify distances.

Jaime Guzman