Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 20:53 Single 75180
Bonner, Kenneth 20:18 Single 73080
Danicek, Will 23:35 Single 84900
Jansson, Mikael 20:53 Single 75180
Tilitzky, Michael 20:53 Single 75180
White, David 18:21 Single 66060

The Island 400 on May 13th will be the Half-Tofino—this is not the ride currently listed on the schedule. This ride starts in Nanaimo, heads to Port Alberni, and then to the far end of Sproat Lake before returning to Port Alberni, then crossing back to Qualicum Beach where it head north to Comox and the great metropolis of Merville, finally returning to Nanaimo. The ride has 3350m climbing, about 65% in the first 200km, so the last half is a little easier. This is the same route as used in previous years, but the start/finish has been moved slightly. There is a 24hr Tim Hortons at Dickinson Rd and Hwy 19A that is about 800m from the start, but I quote “we’re open 24 hrs if it isn’t too slow and if we have enough staff. No, cyclists can’t use the drive-thru because they might be hit by a car. It’s a safety issue.” So if you want food before the ride, try Timmies—there are no restaurants open in Nanaimo before 6 am. Otherwise...