Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 10:14 Single 36840
Gidney, Holland 10:39 Single 38340
Hinde, Stephen 10:39 Single 38340
Karlen, Dean 9:10 Single 33000
Payten, Mark 9:50 Single 35400
Tilitzky, Michael 11:39 VP Single 41940

Pre ride completed.
- km 27 approx. Some construction on Jacklin Rd replacing water main. Work moves but is single lane alternating traffic for about 100m. - km 92.8 Construction on Beach near Estevan. Ignore local traffic only sign and use walk on grass to bypass construction (about 20m). - km 168.2 R Aldous. Do not miss this. You have a good tuck coming down Amity so don't get carried away! - km 180.9 L Santa Clara. Do not miss this. Road is just after the crest of hill and hidden by trees. Don't get carried away on the downhill!