Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Adam, James 10:11 Single 36660
Barreyre, Bernard 11:14 VP Single 40440
Bhandar, Buddy 11:15 VP Single 40500
Fowler, Fred 12:03 Single 43380
Hovey, Paul 11:15 VP Single 40500
MacDonald, John 9:48 Single 35280
McLaren, Keith DNF Single 999999998
Payten, Mark 11:15 VP Single 40500
Tough, Murray 12:26 Single 44760

There are 13 controls on the 2020 Rememberance Day 200. Of these controls the "Lest We Forget" route touches on 9 'new to us' sites.  Even without doing the brevet, these sites honoring those who have sacrificed for us are worthy of a visit.

At the Royal Oak Burial Park for instance, the experience starts as you enter the park and pass the large cross on the left. The site also has the flagpole from the old Memorial Arena which was dedicated to the veterans. Thoughout the grounds white crosses with poppies have been placed on the graves on those who served.  The sea of crosses is overwhelming.

You have until November 15th to complete the brevet. Choose your date, time and start control.