Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 24:50 Single 89400
Bilinski, Jacques 23:55 Single 86100
Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
Cullum, Chris 19:47 VP Single 71220
Fergusson, Eric 25:48 Single 92880
Fingler, Colin 23:47 Single 85620
Hartline, Andrew 15:50 Single 57000
Hossack, Étienne 17:53 Single 64380
Ignacio, Malou 22:02 VP Tandem 79320
Lee, Matt 15:50 Single 57000
Mudrakoff, Jeff DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 19:31 Single 70260
Oswald, John 22:02 VP Tandem 79320
Premack, Craig 17:53 Single 64380
Press, Nigel 15:50 Single 57000
Rapier, Andrew 15:50 Single 57000
van Wersch, Paul 20:55 Recumbent 75300

This route is adaptation of the Callaghan Valley 400 with an out and back on Squamish Valley Road replacing the climb up to the Olympic Center. The "back" into Squamish part will allow for a resupply before heading on to Whistler.

There are some long stretches on the route with no services and the route sheet will note locations where it would be good to restock (Ex: before Squamish Valley Rd and before leaving Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish on the return).

Experienced randos know the Sea to Sky has some narrow shoulders and high speed traffic--especially now as the Covid cabin fever is breaking. Long time Sea2Sky rider Gary S. wrote to remind everyone: of the narrow shoulders north of Porteau Cove ("don't expect the drivers to slow down"), of the debris on the shoulders and of the drain grates on the southbound (return trip) side. Nigel P. and Chris C. have confirmed that the grates have been filled in somewhat but are still present.

The start/finish is at Breka--a 24 hour bakery/cafe on Main Street in Vancouver.

Post Pre-Ride Update:

The pre-ride was challenging in the 30-33 degree heat of Whistler and Pemberton. We spent a lot of time off the bike recovering  from hot sections between Squamish/Whistler and Whistler/Pemberton.

The northbound shoulder of highway 99 was fairly clear and spacious on the way to Squamish with the exceptions of extreme narrowing for 1km at the 50 and 60km marks. The Squamish Vally Road pavement ended short of the planned campground control so now the turnaround is at the end of the pavement. The shoulder from Squamish was in good shape and reasonably wide.

They are resurfacing of the highway at the North End of Whistler so updated route sheet now takes the Sea to Sky trail for 2.5km to bypass the single lane alternating delays at km 184. The trail is paved, parallel to the road and runs into a neighbourhood where a quick L/R gets you back on the highway. Be aware that north of Whistler the shoulder of highway 99 is not up to the standard set south of Whistler (no 2010 Olympic improvements here). 

At the turnaround point in Pemberton there is a food truck (serving burgers and fries) open during the day from Thursday to Sunday (brewery open 12-8pm). On Monday or Tuesday, you can still get something in Pemberton proper if you need food.

On the way back the Alta Lake road section had to be cut due to sewer line construction. This means that the Creekside Husky (24hrs) will be your stop of choice in Whistler if you need a late night snack (Although the pizza looked good at the Chevron at the North End of Whistler--open 'til 10pm)

In addition to the narrow shoulder at Porteau Cove (that you will remember from the way out), there is a lot of debris on the southbound shoulder so ride carefully. 

It's not a fast route and we had headwinds all the way back to Vancouver so you'll likely be riding in the dark. Be sure to have your required lights/reflective gear and a wind vest for the chilly descents in the morning and at night.