Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 17:10 Single 61800
den Braber, Rick DNS Single 999999995
Fergusson, Eric 18:38 Single 67080
Gamiz, Mirtha DNS Single 999999995
Hagen, Mike 14:13 Single 51180
Igmen, Pol 17:28 Single 62880
Monaghan, Barry 16:08 Single 58080
Oxborough, Kyle DNF VP Single 999999998

A challenging, but managable visit to some old favourites with a few new roads thrown in. Down to the old Lochiel schoolhouse, a stop at Birchwood Dairy for Ice Cream, water, toilets, and a lay in the grass if that's your thing. Then a good climb up Elk View Rd to Ryder Lake Park, and a fast downhill back into the Chilliwack Pariries where you'll take a nice loop out to the river, before returning through Fort Langley and Pitt Meadows. 

The RideWithGPS track is up to date as of Thursday, August 12 at 6am. There is construction on Elk View road, on the downhill section, 3.3km from the control at Ryder Lake Park. Traffic is alternating single lane, controlled by temporary traffic lights. Please obey the signals. It's a downhill section and the light cycle is quick, so you won't lose much time.