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Goodison, Bob DNF Single 999999998
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Moloney, Luke DNF Single 999999998
van Wersch, Paul DNS Recumbent 999999995

30 April 2022 Update:  I made one final tweak to the third loop, LLM Weaver Creek.  We will now turn right at 112 Ave and 280 Street (km 456.8), decend to the Lougheed Hwy, then go left at Hayward and climb up Keystone.  (I was getting tired of the climb from the Stave Lake Dam to the Mission Dump!)  The advantage is that the route is 700 m shorter and 50 m less elevation gain.  Incidently, this year's Loopy has 600 m, or 7.5%, less climbing than last year.

My account of last year's ride, by the way, is at

You can download the full route sheet from the left panel.  I have the individual loops as separate files; let me know if you want those instead.  GPX or TCX files can be generated from the individual RwGPS map files listed below.


Last year's Loopy Lower Mainland 1000 was an entrancing exploration of unfamiliar roads connecting old favorites in surprising ways!  This year's route is improved by exchanging some of the more challenging climby bits for flatter, faster travel and less time pressure.  We will do more Chilliwack Prairie and less north-of-Fraser mountain climbing.  The route map looks daunting at first glance, doesn't it?  But don't worry, the individual loops make sense if looked at singularly:

LLM Prairie Borderline ( 350 km
LLM UBC ( 50 km
LLM Weaver Creek ( 300 km
LLM Richmond ( 100 km
LLM Discovery ( 200 km
The route is set up with a hub at Grand Gamma Station (Gamma Avenue and Cambridge Street in Burnaby).  This is a five-way stop, and enables us to meet the ACP rule that one may not travel the same direction on the same street more than once (albeit with some contortions in the approaches and departures).  Anna and I live mid-block down the street from here, and our home is open to riders to eat and to crash on the floor between loops.

Riders are invited to arrive Friday evening for supper, stay with us for an early start, regroup for breakfast Sunday and Monday, and finish off with a post-ride pancake breakfast Tuesday morning.