Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Hartline, Andrew 20:45 Single 74700
Lee, Matt 24:50 Single 89400
McCall, Hugh 37:45 Single 135900
Mudrakoff, Jeff 36:37 Single 131820
Premack, Craig 35:01 VP Single 126060
Rapier, Andrew 24:50 Single 89400
Subarsky, Patrick 37:41 Single 135660

Updated August 18:

Minor changes have been made to the route sheet and uploaded at 7:40 pm. All controls (other than Tsawwassen) are now info controls.

Updated August 17:

The route is now final. The route sheet is final. The RWGPS route is correct, but I might improve some cues to match the route sheet.

There are major differences between earlier versions of the route and this final one.

There are a few km of gravel in Delta and Pitt Meadows, so fatter tires are better.

I did what I could to keep the route sheet short.

I will open my front door at 5:30 on Saturday morning, and there will be coffee. Want something special? Let me know. 

We will have a staffed control at km 99 with cookies and water. Want something special? Let me know.

After the mid-ride control in Tsawwassen, the route passes right by the Beach Grove Motel. You might prefer to stay at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn. If so, please inform me, Ron, the organiser.

I will also have places for a few people to sleep and shower at my house, for Friday and/or Saturday nights and after the ride. I have three spare beds, one of which has privacy. Contact me. You need to like dogs.

Of course, you can leave drop bags at the start.

Control cards will be distributed at the start.

Previously published:

Are you thinking about trying Paris-Brest-Paris next year? A recent change in registration means more French riders, and fewer of us foreigners. You probably need a 600 in 2022 to pre-qualify for PBP in 2023. (Of course, you stilll need to get a full 200, 300, 400 & 600 series in 2023 by early June, but that likely won't help if you don't get a 600 this year.)

There is no such thing as an easy 600, but this comes close. The design priorities are minimal climbing, access to services, and ease of navigation. No, it won't be to everybody's taste, and yes, most of these roads have been covered several times already this year. But it's still harder than a 600 in Saskatchewan!