Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Hirschbold, Markus 11:30 Single 41400
Johnston, Chad 10:10 Single 36600
Payten, Mark 11:30 Single 41400
Stewart, Ronald DNF Single 999999998
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) DNS Single 999999995
Townsend, Christopher 11:30 Single 41400

Six riders arrived at Tim Hortons at Berky’s Corner in Duncan to ride the new route “It’s Just Around the Corner”.  Sandy Szabo didn’t start due to a mechanical.  Weather for the day was overcast, temperatures in the mid to high teens, and occasional showers or drizzle. In the afternoon, the riders experienced a few hours of dry roads, and then returned to riding in showers for the finish.  Overall, four riders completed the route, with all reporting a pleasant experience.  Ron Stewarts DNF was accompanied by a very nice social visit at the route organisers home for rehydration and recuperation. 


Route sheet will be published once the pre-ride is completed..

A new 200 route in the Cowichan Valley.  Starting at Berkey's Corner, head west to Lake Cowichan using the Cowichan Valley Trail, converted rail bed.  (For 2022, there are some washouts from winter storms, so sections will be detoured onto Cowichan Lake Road.). Continue to Gordon Bay Provincial Park.  Remember the beach here so you can come back to swim.  Return along Riverbottom Road (yes, it has a couple of challenges), back onto the CVT, and then out to Crofton with a control at the museum.  Continue north through Chemainus, and back onto the north section of the CVT to Ladsymith, around Yellow Point and then through Hemer Provincial Park to the north end in Cedar.  Return back down to Berkey's Corner.  There are a few highway stretches, some deliberately chosen to avoid narrow and busy local roads.  There are reasonable services every 50km.