Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Fowler, Fred 11:00 Single 39600
Hirschbold, Markus 10:59 Single 39540
Litster, Gord 11:00 Single 39600
Nygren, Rob 12:44 Single 45840
Scrimgeour, Rob DNF Single 999999998
Willis, Dan 11:00 Single 39600

PLEASE DON'T PRINT THIS CONTROL CARD FOR THE RIDE.  THERE ARE NO CONTROL QUESTIONS!  When you register you will be sent a copy with control questions.

GPX file and the the RwGPS files were created with the BCR RwGPS account.  Therefore, you can download this and use it with the RwGPS app on your phone (even a free version) and get turn by turn instructions as you go.  Remember though that the paper route sheets are the definitive route. Use it as a backup to your cycle computer.

As usual, the day is one for riding with an opportunity for reflection.  There are three memorials that we have not visited before.  Also,  the route takes you to Royal Roads Univeristy. The Royal Military College Centotaph is in the Italian Garden just southwest of Hatley Castle.  Riders will arrive at the control there around 11 am.  Therefore the control will be placed by the former parade square.  Wherever you are, please stop riding and honour with two minutes of silence those who have sacrificed their lives.

The forecast today (Wednesday) looks great for November 11!  See you on Friday morning!