Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Atkinson, Roderic DNF* Single 999999998
Austin-Olsen, Juliana DNF* Single 999999998
Beebe, Ward 5:22* Single 19320
Bhandar, Buddy 5:30* Single 19800
Cameron, Julian 3:53* Single 13980
Coyne, John 5:05* Single 18300
Floden, Barb DNF* Single 999999998
Galley, Luke 4:55* Single 17700
Gidney, Holland 4:52* Single 17520
Goodison, Bob 4:55* Single 17700
Haynes, Melissa 5:30* Single 19800
Heydari, Amir 4:44* Single 17040
Hirschbold, Markus 4:52* Single 17520
Hovey, Paul 5:30* Single 19800
Ingham, Ben 4:07* Single 14820
Lee, John 4:26* Single 15960
Matei, Christopher DNS* Single 999999995
Mills, Reagan 3:53* Single 13980
Morano, Maria 6:14* Single 22440
Parlee, Damian 3:53* Single 13980
Payten, Mark 5:46* VP Single 20760
Shaw, Dan 5:03* Single 18180
Smith, Peter DNF* Single 999999998
Townsend, Claire 4:00* Single 14400

Welcome to the inaugural BC Randonneur gravel event. Registration is through the registration link on this page.

This page is where you will have access to the final control card, route sheet, .gpx file and RwGPS route. The RwGPS route is set up on the Club Account. Therefore you can download the route to your free device RwGPS App and receive turn by turn instructions. Everything will be finalized after the pre-ride just prior to the event.

The event will leave Tim Hortons at 1099 McKenzie Avenue at 8 am on March 11th.  The course follows an out-and-back route.  Most of the gravel route is on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail and is at railway grade (very flat).

And yes, we miss those two dips after Gillespie on the trail!  However, we do ride south toward the water on Gillespie  and turn right onto East Sooke Rd when leaving the Goose.  This paved section is where the rolling hills are.  

When we did the pre-pre- ride as a ‘start the year off right’ ride on January 1st, four of us were on bikes with 35 mm tires or more and had no problem with the course. One rider was riding a road bike with 25 mm tires. He also had no problem with the surfaces on the entire route.  He only had issues with his mudguards becoming clogged with evergreen needle debris. He needed to remove his front and rear wheel at the turn-around in order that his tires could roll freely. 

For your convenience, there will be a staffed control at the turn-around.  Water, other beverages and snacks will be available.


Come out! Be part of history on the first BC Grando ride!