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Greetings all!

UPDATE (July 17)


A few items:

Most Important: Prepare for heat, 40 C is predicted for Yale.

There is a minor change in the route sheet: The Harrison Hot Springs control has been moved to Randall Park. Instead of fidalling around with the route sheet distances I have simply noted the change in the route sheet and RWGPS It's less than 800 metres further. The control card reads 'Randall Park'.

Route change directions: CO, Harrison Hot Spring Rd for 1.5 blocks,

Right onto Esplande Av, short sharp left onto Spruce St, Immediate right into Randall Park.

Corrected route sheet is posted and is final.

There are lots of places to restock your supplies, but for any new riders who may not know, there are some dodgy areas. Suggest stopping at the Iron Mountain Store, which is just before Stave Lake Dam, as next supply stop is at Hwy 7 and Sylvester Road. Also Agassiz or Seabird Island is recommended place to top up on supplies. Barry's Trading Post in Yale is now closed after 99 years and three generations of the Barry family. The nearest spot to resupply is the Hope General Store, 28775 Hwy 1 near Emory Lake Park, 6 km south of Yale. Tim Horton's in Mission is open until 10 pm. Depending on what time your arrive in Fort Langley there may be nothing open so plan accordingly. Lee's Market closes at 7 pm. If you see any place before Mission to resupply, do so.

Watch out for dangerous tracks on River Road, east of Fort Langley. I find its best to walk your bike across (I slipped on this thing once) DONT' DO IT!

The descent down Graham Crescent/Lefeuvre Road is steep (15%) USE CAUTION! GO SLOW!

In case you're interested here are some stories about Yale and the surrounding area:

The Fraser Canyon has stories about the supernatural. Watch out for Dog People and Skin Changers.

Ride starts at 6:00 am, July 20th. The 7-11 store is open 24 hours.