Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Mudrakoff, Jeff 35:55 Single 129300
Stary, Peter 35:45 Single 128700

We first used Gold River in 2005.  We've visited it occasionally, but logistics make this a difficult destination.  So this year, we are starting in Courtenay so that riders can be back to services in Campbell River shortly after dark.  Overnight in Courtenay, and complete a faster leg to Nanoose and return on Sunday.

From Campbell River to Ralph River to Gold River and back takes you through the central alps of Vancouver Island.  Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife--stunning scenery.  The Gold River Highway to Strathcona Lodge on Upper Campbell Lake has some stretches of none to narrow shoulder, but traffic is fairly light.  Western Mines Rd along Buttle Lake has no shoulder but traffic is very light.  From Buttle Lake to Gold River the shoulder is about 12 inches.

Water, bars, and ice cream  are available at Strathcona Lodge (km 110.8 and 282.6).  Water is available at Ralph River Campground (km 143.3).  Gold River town has food (km 209.2 and 236.0). Plan accordingly before leaving Campbell River (km 65 to 70 for last services).

Km 382.0 to 477.9 uses the Inland Highway.  The shoulder is wide, and Sunday morning traffic is moderate.

Start location will be at Royal Lepage offices on Comox Rd.  Bathrooms, coffee, and parking available.  (If you'd like to RV in the lot, please let us know.). Hotels are increasingly difficult to find, so book your rooms now.