Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Andrusiek, Dug ??:??* Single 999999997
Barreyre, Bernard ??:??* Single 999999997
Bennett, Norm ??:??* Single 999999997
Bhandar, Buddy ??:??* Single 999999997
Coshan, Rita ??:??* Single 999999997
Dunwoody, Connie ??:??* Single 999999997
Dunwoody, Peter ??:??* Single 999999997
Fillinger, Ian ??:??* Single 999999997
Fingler, Colin ??:??* Single 999999997
Fingler, Patrick ??:??* Single 999999997
Fowler, Fred FIN* Single 999999993
Guillemot, Eric ??:??* Single 999999997
Hinde, Carol ??:??* Single 999999997
Hinde, Stephen ??:??* Single 999999997
Hovey, Paul ??:??* Single 999999997
LaRose, Joyce ??:??* Single 999999997
Noel, Cathy ??:??* Single 999999997
Noel, Doug ??:??* Single 999999997
Parker, Mandy ??:??* Single 999999997
Payten, Mark ??:??* Single 999999997
Scrimgeour, Rob ??:??* Single 999999997
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) ??:??* Single 999999997
Tough, Murray ??:??* Single 999999997
Turner, Graham ??:??* Single 999999997
Zoras, Lori ??:??* Single 999999997
Zoras, Peter ??:??* Single 999999997

Pre-Ride  26/12/23 from about noon until 14:30 hrs.  Items of note are that some of the shoulders  had tree debris from the previous night's windstorm.  Interurban Trail was in generally good shape with the occasional pothole.  Pay attention.  At Gorge Rd and Tillicum, the separated cycle track ends just before the lights.  Move onto the road through the plastic posts.  There is no bike lane on Gorge Rd until you get to Lampson Rd. 

Route description: This 2024 New Year's Day ride heads north on Lochside Trail and East Saanich Road before turning south again in Saanichton.  You will then ride south again on Wallace, West Saanich Road and Interurban. Turn West to the Galloping Goose Regional Rail Trail and then East on the E&N Regional Rail Trail before heading over to explore the new Gorge Road bike lanes.  It is then onto the Galloping Goose to head north. Finish the ride on Lochside Trail and Borden at the Tim Horton's. Road conditions will be added when the pre-ride is completed.

The price of registration is your 2023 membership fee of $10. Adults, please join and register online. Minors will join/register at the event start.

New members, the waiver presented on the website will  be the waiver for 2023.  We will have current event waivers for you to sign at the start. If you are a new member, this will also be valid until the end of 2024. 

Returning members, your 2023 membership will still be valid for this event.  Please register by using the registration button on this page.

Minor’s Policy for Populaires:  BC Randonneurs is again welcoming minors to participate in populaires following these rules.

  • Populaires are open to all riders 12 years of age and older.
  • Every minor and their parent or legal guardian must be present to fill in and sign a hard copy of the waiver/assumption of risk form at the start of a populaire.
  • Any minor 12 to 15 years of age must be accompanied on the ride by a responsible adult of 19 years of age or older.  It is the parent/ legal guardian’s responsibility to designate a responsible adult who will remain with the minor. 
  • Minors 16 years of age or older may ride unaccompanied by an adult.