Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 11:58 VP Single 43080
Bogle, Kevin 9:20 Single 33600
Brownfield, Adam 11:17 Single 40620
Chin, Raymond 10:37 Single 38220
Clark, Steven 9:19 Single 33540
Cullum, Chris 8:28 Single 30480
Danicek, Will 11:27 VP Single 41220
Fraser, Keith 9:35 Single 34500
Gryski, Mark 11:17 Single 40620
Hagen, Mike 7:45 Single 27900
Hood, Andrew 11:17 Single 40620
Hossack, Étienne 11:27 VP Single 41220
Kalman, Jeff 11:17 Single 40620
Mai, Hung 11:17 Single 40620
Monaghan, Barry 9:23 Single 33780
Morrison, Scott 11:17 Single 40620
Parke, Daniel 9:23 Single 33780
Parker, Rebekah 10:40 Single 38400
Pickett, Thomas 11:17 Single 40620
Press, Nigel 11:27 VP Single 41220
Rossi, Daniel DNF Single 999999998
Spratt, Nathan 10:40 Single 38400
Taylor, Morgan 11:17 Single 40620
Taylor, Stephanie 11:17 Single 40620

We've pre-ridden the route!

The route has changed slightly. There's now a slight jog in Surrey to avoid the highway, and get you close to services. The longest distance between available services is 30kms, so there will be plenty of places to get water and food if you aren't fed enough ;P

It turns out there actually are three hills that are steep enough to note! One in Maple Ridge, one in Langley and the Bridge. None are long, and there's no shame in walking if you decide a hill is too much. But once you've done the first two, you're laughing!

This is a great end of season ride to relax and enjoy!

Or go out and test your fitness. However, don't be looking for big climbs...

If you are new to the sport of randonneuring/audax this should be a great intro ride, with a route very easily transit accessible, and lots of services. There will be support en route (lovely volunteers!) and a great time to be had!

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact the organiser Étienne. The route will be finalised the day before the ride, thus only the provided route sheet should be considered the official route.

Please pre-register for food count! If I run out of food and you haven't pre-registered, you don't get fed ;) . Just kidding, got lots of food

Route Map