Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 12:10 Single 43800
Barr, Susan 11:23 Single 40980
Beynon, Mark 10:01 Single 36060
Bilinski, Jacques 12:54 Single 46440
Cullum, Chris 9:16 VP Single 33360
Fingler, Colin 11:52 Single 42720
Fraser, Keith 10:50 Single 39000
Guzman, Jaime 11:34 Single 41640
Hagen, Mike 8:57 Single 32220
Hossack, Étienne 8:30 Single 30600
Ignacio, Malou 10:44 VP Tandem 38640
Koen, Bob 12:21 Single 44460
McIntosh, Michael 10:44 VP Single 38640
Monaghan, Barry 12:33 Single 45180
Mudrakoff, Jeff 11:30 Single 41400
Oswald, John 10:44 VP Tandem 38640
Oxborough, Kyle DNF Single 999999998
Parke, Daniel 11:30 Single 41400
Rapier, Andrew 8:52 Single 31920
Simpson, Daniel 9:01 Single 32460
Spratt, Nathan 12:21 Single 44460
van Wersch, Paul 9:31 Recumbent 34260
Wyne, Theo 11:34 Single 41640

July 14 is Bastille Day!

Come join BC Randonneurs for our tribute to the spirit of "le Tour" on Saturday July 14! Start 7am at Bean Around the World Cafe at Seymour Parkgate Mall. Finish at Mt Seymour Alpine ski area (200km later). The finish is approximately 14km all downhill back to the start. The route leading up to Mt Seymour is fairly moderate in nature. There are some hills, notably past the Stave Lake Dam, however almost half the elevation gain is in the last 20km of the ride. Keep the powder dry for the final Hors Catagorie ascent! #bcrandonneurs #hcclimb

An informal post ride gathering will be a short (downhill) distance away at the Raven Pub on Deep Cove Rd (head straight east on Mt Seymour Parkway until Dollarton/Deep Cove Rd). The Raven Pub has generously offered a 10% discount to all participants. There's incentive!

Please note: for non-BC Randonneurs members a BC Randonneurs membership is required for all brevet events. Online membership ($10) is here:!/events/bc-randonneurs-cycling-club-membership-2018 Alternately the membership can be paid in person at the start. Event fee is $15 at the start.

Also, working front and rear lights are mandatory for all BC Randonneurs brevets (including this one). You will need a pen with you as there are information controls requiring recording the time of day and answering a question on the Control Card to verify your passage along pre-determined points on the route. A completed brevet card within the time parameters is required to be considered a finisher. The overall time limit is a very reasonable 13.5hrs.

Preliminary Route: