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The VI summer series “Big Ring 600” has been designed to suit the organizer’s riding style. Take this opportunity to explore the mid-island’s eastern shoreline. The event starts at 6am on August 18 in Qualicum at the intersection of Hwy 19A and Hwy 4 across the street from the 24hr Shell station.

The route travels north through Campbell River to Sayward where you can treat yourself to a lunch with a view at the Strait View Café at the 199’ish km mark of your journey. The route takes you back to Qualicum. From there your journey will take you through the Harbour City as you head to the turnaround at Crofton. The finish line for this event is at the same Shell Station where you started.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 37:17 Single 134220000
Chase, Barry 36:19 Single 130740000
Danicek, Will 36:24 Single 131040000
Fingler, Colin 37:17 Single 134220000
Hartline, Andrew 23:13 Single 83580000
Hinde, Stephen 37:17 Single 134220000
Hossack, Étienne 23:13 Single 83580000
Inouye, Darren 37:48 Single 136080000
Kristen, LeBlanc 38:49 TandemRecumbent 139740000
Litster, Gord 35:45 Single 128700000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 34:28 Single 124080000
Payten, Mark 36:24 Single 131040000
Rapier, Andrew 34:53 Single 125580000
Smith, Ron 38:49 TandemRecumbent 139740000
Sparks, Gary 33:14 Single 119640000
Tilitzky, Michael 37:17 Single 134220000
van Wersch, Paul 25:50 Recumbent 93000000