The route is very scenic. It avoids main roads and uses the Galloping Goose and E&N trails. The route takes the riders through downtown Victoria, west out to Metchosin and then returns returns via the Esquimalt lagoon and the E&N Trail into Victoria. It then goes around the water to circle the Sannich peninsula before returning along the Gorge to the finish. There are three controls on the route, at least one of which will be supported.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Andrusiek, Dug DNF* Single 999999999
Arscott, Deirdre 11:15* Single 40500000
Bonner, Kenneth 11:30* Single 41400000
Campbell, Dave 11:15* Single 40500000
Galley, Luke 10:59* Single 39540000
Haynes, Melissa 11:15* Single 40500000
Hazelbower, Josh 11:45* Single 42300000
Hinde, Stephen 11:45* Single 42300000
Payten, Mark 10:32* Single 37920000
Stedman, Roxanne 10:32* Single 37920000
Tilitzky, Michael 11:15* Single 40500000
White, David 10:32* Single 37920000