Cape Disappointment is the extreme south-west corner of Washington State. Sounds like a great destination! The elevation profile looks similar to PBP, so it's good practice for that too. This is not the same route run in 2014, we are going through Everett on the way down, and Port Townsend/Whitbey Island on the way back. This is primarily an attempt to alleviate the awful no-shoulder climbs in traffic away from the ferry at Edmonds. Instead we will go downhill there and take the lane.

There is 7500 m of climbing, but Ride with GPS says nothing over 10%.

This ride is unsupported. I have not decided whether to book a room at the Shelton Super 8, which is equidistant between the outbound (340 km) and inbound (715 km) tracks; about 4 km off-route in each direction (a 340/375/300 km strategy), or at the Montesano Guesthouse which on the route in both directions at Kms 391 and 651 (391/260/380 km). Either way, you're on your own.

The route is not finalized, so check back. It is currently 1026 km, but the two ferries account for about 20 km that you won't be riding.

As for all 1000s, the route is not pre-ridden, so be prepared for surprises.