Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar, Buddy 21:20 Single 76800
Fishlock, Graham 20:35 Single 74100
Hossack, Étienne 19:39 Single 70740
Payten, Mark 21:20 Single 76800
Rapier, Andrew 19:39 Single 70740
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 21:20 Single 76800
Tough, Murray 21:47 Single 78420
White, David 21:20 Single 76800

Registration is now open for the 'Tour of the Bays’ 400.  We are continuing to develop our registration processes, so you will see some differences to your 200 or 300 registration.  Please go to the Event Page for further information or to register.  To request an alternate start location on the new form, use the notes to organizer to indicate that.  If you have any issues or questions regarding the registration process, contact .  If you have questions regarding the route, contact the organizer Michael Tilitzky



Pre-ride notes:

Parking--along Deloume Rd 100m past start.  Lots on weekends, limited on left side mid-week.  Limited parking on Barry Road (ignore no turn around!)

There are a number of locations with road work occuring.

km 77.5 Chemainus Rd for 600m.  Single lane, possible short delays.

km 116.8 Holden-Corso Rd for 400m.  Constricted shoulder.

km 126.9 Bruce Ave for 200m.  Repaving.  Grooved.

km 244.2 Chemainus Rd for 600m.  Single lane, possible short delays.

km 251.2 Westholme Rd for 800m.  Mostly opposite lane, but some gravel.

km 16.9 Mountain Rd for 3.5km.  Gravel.  Road is rough and there are some deep potholes, particularly on the downhill section around km 19. 

The Cowichan Valley Trail north of Chemainus (km 80.1 - 86.0 and km 236.2 - 242.2) is in good condition, but watch for soft spots at road crossings.

The Bayview Trail south of Ladysmith (km 87.9 - 88.6 and km 233.7 - 234.4) has some narrow stretches with posts, particularly southbound on the downhill.