Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Briggs, Taylor 10:49 Single 38940
Chase, Barry 11:50 Single 42600
den Braber, Rick 11:50 Single 42600
Ferguson-Martin, Chris 9:07 Single 32820
Floyd, Spencer 9:07 Single 32820
Galley, Luke 9:38 Single 34680
MacDonald, John 9:42 Single 34920
Oliver, Libby 9:04 Single 32640
Quesnel, Guy 10:49 Single 38940
Tilitzky, Michael 11:24 Single 41040
Tough, Murray 9:42 Single 34920

A reprise of the spring 200, with some small updates.  For the main start, park along Lochside north of Island View. Alternate start available at Atkins Rd.  Please request in notes on the registration form.

  • Throughout.  Public water fountains have been returned to service throughout the CRD.
  • Throughout.  The ever-present summer road construction.  Pre-ride found many spots but workers indicated that they would be finished "tomorrow" or "next week" or "depends on how much more rock we find".  Use caution, and take to the sidewalk if necessary.
  • km 126.0. The turn onto College Dr. is not signed.  It is just after a speed bump, and there is a unique stone building (Military Police station) on the inside corner
  • km 126.4 The gate on College Dr. is now open 5:30am to 8pm.  If closed,used the small gate on the right, but watch the sharp concrete lip
  • km 127.1. The route now goes straight past Hatley Castle (Royal Roads University).  If there are signs showing 'no entry', the road is closed to cars (on weekends), but open to cyclists at all times.
  • km 132.3. Moved Control 5 to Happy Valley Market
  • km 150.1. A small change on leaving Saxe Park to use Bewdley St rather than Munro.
  • km 201.0. Slow when descending Island View Rd. Traffic turns left onto Saanich Cross Rd and off Saanich Cross Rd without stopping (as required).  Cars often don't judge cyclists speed well, and tend to think they have enough space.  Watch for them!