Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 16:29 Tandem 59340
Baker, Gary 20:59 VP Single 75540
Bilinski, Jacques 24:26 Single 87960
Bonga, Anna 23:13 Single 83580
Chase, Barry DNS Single 999999995
Cullum, Chris 16:29 Single 59340
den Braber, Rick 20:59 VP Single 75540
Fingler, Colin 23:13 Single 83580
Hartline, Andrew 13:53 Single 49980
Hossack, Étienne 16:15 Single 58500
Ignacio, Malou 19:57 Tandem 71820
Johnson, Aaron 24:19 Single 87540
King, Dave 18:13 Single 65580
Mudrakoff, Jeff 25:51 Single 93060
Ogden, Russel 18:10 Single 65400
Oswald, John 19:57 Tandem 71820
Person, Ed 18:57 Single 68220
Press, Nigel 16:29 Tandem 59340
Rapier, Andrew 16:15 Single 58500
Sparks, Gary 24:01 Single 86460
Venables, Tom DNF Single 999999998



This LM brevet is very rural for the most part and the street lighting is poor or non-existent. Most riders will be riding into dusk or far into the night. For your safety there will be a FULL LIGHT INSPECTION at the start. Our club rules require that both a bright front and a rear light be affixed onto the bike. We strongly recommend that appropriate backup lighting should be carried in the event of a light failure.

This inspection will assess the adequacy of the primary lights. Backup lights should replicate/approximate the lighting conditions of the primary lights.  The rules also state that a reflective vest or sash must be worn in low light conditions. Failure to have a reflective vest/sash or to have lights mounted to the bike will result in immediate disqualification from starting the event. 

The Route 

What this route doesn’t have in long moderately inclined climbs (there are a few) or steep, punchy hills  (there are some of these too) it presents an opportunity for riders of any ability to establish a new  personal best for 400km, if that is a desired goal.  This course most definitely falls onto the easier side  of the difficulty spectrum with only 2100m of total climbing.

Please note that the RwGPS may not be exact.  Please follow your route sheet!

On the pre-ride we encountered the usual to be expected construction projects and some safety  concerns (some of which are highlighted on the route sheet). Take note of the surface on the Bailey Bridges near the start and finish of the route, they are rough and can be very slippery when wet. There  are two very steep descents (noted on the route sheet), exercise caution. Throughout the route there is  considerable debris on the shoulder, glass, etc. Debris from the landslides on Hwy # 7 between Agassiz  and Hope still litters the shoulder.  

This is a self supported brevet. There are ample opportunities to source water and food along the route.  

Parking near the start is very restricted and limited. However, there is a short street (East 8th Ave)  directly across from the 7-Eleven with open, free parking. Tricky to access, best to Google how. Have fun, be safe!