Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 8:43 Tandem 31380
Bilinski, Jacques 10:53 Single 39180
Brumelle, Colin 9:51 Single 35460
Chen, Feng 10:53 Single 39180
Chen, Yung DNF Single 999999998
Cross, Peter 13:29 Single 48540
Cullum, Chris 8:43 Single 31380
den Braber, Rick 10:20 Single 37200
Fergusson, Eric 12:14 Single 44040
Gaugler, Raasika 12:14 Single 44040
Gilmour, Ross 13:29 Single 48540
Hartline, Andrew 8:41 VP Single 31260
Hossack, Étienne 7:45 Single 27900
Ignacio, Malou 9:41 Tandem 34860
Kelly, Joe ??:??* Single 999999997
Koen, Bob 10:20 Single 37200
Lefneski, Mark 13:29 Single 48540
McCall, Hugh 12:14 Single 44040
Mudrakoff, Jeff 10:53 Single 39180
Olund, Mike 8:33 Single 30780
Oswald, John 9:41 Tandem 34860
Parke, Dan DNS Single 999999995
Patton, Neil DNF Single 999999998
Person, Ed 13:29 Single 48540
Press, Nigel 8:43 Tandem 31380
Qi, Douglas 11:33 Single 41580
Siemens, Mike 12:14 Single 44040
Sparks, Gary 10:53 Single 39180
Stewart, Ronald DNF Single 999999998
Stewart, Sam 12:14 Single 44040
Subarsky, Patrick 10:20 Single 37200
Taylor, Morgan 8:41 VP Single 31260
Thomas, John 12:14 Single 44040
Wearmouth, Paul 13:29 Single 48540
Williams, Karen 12:18 Single 44280
Wilson, Sandra 12:18 Single 44280
Zago, Luciano DNF Single 999999998
Zhu, Yan DNS Single 999999995

Coast 'n Fjords 2022

*update Thursday, July 7
- route is updated with minor but good changes!
- please download a new Ride with GPS route / cue sheet / gpx file
- all emails with control cards are will be out by tonight

Coast 'n Fjords is a new route we put together with the goal of connecting enjoyable routes to neat destinations while keeping things relatively close to town. Our sub-goal was keeping total elevation under 2000m and we nailed that one. (It came in around 1500-1600 on our pre-ride.)

The name comes from the geographic tendency to stick close to the ocean while taking a jaunt up a couple of stunningly beautiful glacially-carved valleys. We've routed through a bunch of paved paths and gravel dykes to maximize pleasant times. 

In our experience riding the main roads doesn't elevate the experience of this ride, but you can do it, as long as you don't miss the secret control. Of course, it's randonneuring, so there are some necessary connectors between pleasures, but #thatsrando... 

We'll have two staffed controls with friendly faces, drinks, and snacks: at Seymour Dam at km 67 and at Pitt Lake at km 144. There are lots of resupply options along the way as well as public washrooms and water on route and near the controls. 

The start is at JJ Bean at Park and Tilford with the finish about a kilometre east at Wildeye Brewing. If you're driving to the start, you should be able to find all day parking in the mall parking lots or on the light industrial roads north and south of Main Street. 

Bring your friends, bring your snacks, and be ready to gawk at mountains and coastlines.

Hope you enjoy the route,
Morgan Taylor and Andrew Hartline