Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Fowler, Fred 14:50 Single 53400
Nygren, Rob 14:50 Single 53400
Payten, Mark DNS Single 999999995
Stary, Peter 12:44 Single 45840
Tough, Murray 13:33 Single 48780

A new route to celebrate the centenary.  You can even earn a special medal from France.  We can't provide the cobblestones of France so we've put in a few short stretches of rocky trail.  If it's too objectionable, you can always walk, but everything is rideable on 28mm.  

Parks:  We start (and finish) in Parksville.  We ride through Little Qualicum River Provincial Park. We make a short detour through Ships Point Regional Park.  We ride past Kin Beach Provincial Park and Miracle Beach Provincial Park.  You could even stop at Rosewall Creek Provincial Park to use the loo.  Oh, the 100m trail stretch past Ocean Trail Community Park has a few stairs.  It's good to stretch different muscles.

Rivers:  Well, there are many that we cross.  But notably, the aforementioned Little Qualicum River PP with its spectacular waterfall and gorge (maybe for another day?).  There's a control in LIttle River, and a control in Campbell River.  Look at the old bridge over the Oyster River.  Or maybe look for eagles at Big Qualicum River.

So, you'll see a variety of other Vancouver Island scenery: ocean, mountain, forest, farm, and a little bit of city.  If you're lucky, seals honk at you, deer bound out in front of you, and eagles circle overhead.  Book your accommodation in Parksville now.  The Skylight Motel is closest to the start, but there are many options.

Route sheet and control card template will be available after the pre-ride.