Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 38:30 Single 138600
Bhandar, Buddy 37:40 Single 135600
Bilinski, Jacques 34:33 Single 124380
Cullum, Chris 35:03 Single 126180
den Braber, Rick 38:30 Single 138600
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Ignacio, Malou 35:48 Tandem 128880
Koen, Bob 38:29 Single 138540
Oswald, John 35:48 Tandem 128880
Payten, Mark DNF Single 999999998
Testemale, Phil 35:35 VP Single 128100
Tough, Murray 35:29 Single 127740

Pre-ride Report by Phil Testemale

A memorable two days of solo riding on June 30th and July 1st.  Conditions were high overcast with a few light showers on the first morning and then mostly sunny and not too hot from then on.  Some welcome tail winds on both days.  Traffic was heavy at times where and when expected, but nicely balanced with practically deserted rural roads.  Such a beautiful route – especially day two – make sure you take the time to soak in the landscapes.

Day One: ‘Investment’ - North from Nanaimo and cross Top Bridge suspension footbridge (use caution here on the steep decent just before the bridge as the gravel road is badly rutted) and on to Englishman River Falls. Through Coombs and down to Qualicum Beach then up the Old Island Highway taking care with the narrow bridge crossings as you make your way to Ruxton then turn up to Cumberland and out to Comox Lake.  Down into Courtenay and then on to Campbell River via the North Island Highway (I found intermittent patches of thick gravel on the shoulder for +/-15 km north of Courtenay).  Watch for the right turn to stay on the highway when you get into Campbell River, and then U Turn and head south at Duncan Creek (where the fried chicken is recommended!).  Back to Courtenay, this time via the “new’ upper highway, using caution on the climb out of Campbell River, as, despite the wide shoulder, there was a lot of debris for 10 km +/-.  Once you have checked in at Courtenay, it is a straight shot back to Nanaimo and a rest at the Blue Bird.  The only construction on this day was at 353 km heading back into Nanaimo.    

Day Two: ‘Reward’ - Canada Day - on to roads south today and hopefully the early morning ramble through Cedar along Yellow Point Road is as memorable as mine was? The paving is new on Chemainus Rd. southbound from Crofton Rd. to Mt Sticker Rd. (finally!) Carry on to famous Wake Lake in Sahtlam (take a moment to listen to the sounds here…) through Duncan then up into scenic Glenora before making your way to Mill Bay. Watch for loose gravel and steel plates at km 492 near the end of Briarwood Dr., especially if it is wet.  Circle Shawnigan Lake, which, as is typical, had heavy weekend traffic with the occasional impatient driver, then back through greater Cobble Hill, on to Cowichan Bay and then north to Richard’s Trail which in my books is about as pretty a rural road as it gets.  There is still paving in progress (or lack of progress?) and gravel northbound on Chemainus Rd. from Mt. Sticker Rd. to Crofton Rd.  (about 1.6 km).  Save some of your matches for the route home from Ladysmith through Cedar, as there are some punchy hills to test your nearly 600 km weary legs! Home to Canco (Best Samosas) in Nanaimo and I/we/you’ve done it - Chapeau!

Bonne Route!    


Start at our favourite hotel in Nanaimo--the Bluebird.  You'll be here again at 368km, so plan your overnight.  And you don't go to Renfrew on this one!

Head north from Nanaimo.  Cross Top Bridge suspension footbridge (800m gravel also) and out to Englishman River Falls. Through Coombs and down to the old highway and on through Cumberland to Comox Lake.  Follow the old highway to Campbell River, and turn just north of town, to follow the new highway to Courtenay.  Back on the old road to our favourite hotel.

The next stretch takes you around Yellow Point, and out to Sahtlam.  Visit Wake Lake Nature Reserve.  It's famous, but you have to find out why when you get there.  Glenora Trails Head Park will be familiar to 400 riders, and then through Cowichan Station, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake, and back to Nanaimo.  Very little highway on day 2.