Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Boquist, Jessica 11:30 Single 41400
Dare, Eric 11:30 Single 41400
Galley, Luke 9:23 Single 33780
Gill, Marcus DNS Single 999999995
Istace, Chris 11:30 Single 41400
Malek, Alard 10:43 Single 38580
Roth, Katrinna DNS Single 999999995
Tough, Murray 10:43 Single 38580
Zornes, Sheryl 11:30 Single 41400

This ride uses all of the Lochside Trail, and all of the Galloping Goose Trail.  In between are mostly quieter roads around the Victoria region.  While this route has limited climbing (1350m), there are 85km of gravel riding.  While all can be ridden on 25mm tires (I once saw someone ride the Goose gravel on 19mm slicks, including the 2 steep gullies near Sooke), larger tires will be more comfortable.