Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 12:11 Tandem 43860
Bernhardt, Luis 13:29 Single 48540
Bilinski, Jacques 15:29 Single 55740
Bonga, Anna 15:29 Single 55740
Deslauriers, Vincent DNS Single 999999995
Hossack, Étienne 10:48 Single 38880
King, Dave 12:11 Single 43860
Montgomery, Wendy 16:35 Single 59700
Mudrakoff, Jeff 15:29 Single 55740
Nichol, Keith 15:29 Single 55740
Nichol, Ross 15:29 Single 55740
Press, Nigel 12:11 Tandem 43860
Rempel, Geoff 15:29 Single 55740
Xue, Dong 19:08 Single 68880
Young, Josh 12:57 Single 46620

Minor revision to route sheet 21Jun2023


This route crosses into the USA, bring appropriate ID to cross border.


Start: Beside Breka Bakery 4554 Main St, Vancouver. Open 24 hrs. Please buy something if you want to use the washroom.

Staffed. Please phone or text if you have signed up but will not be starting. Phone number at end of route sheet.


Finish: Portland Craft 3835 Main St

Staffed. Please phone or text if you abandon the ride. Phone number at end of route sheet.


Notes from the Pre-Ride

  • A mostly out and back route to Samish Island, south of Bellingham
  • Not a hard route but not easy either
  • The outbound route from Alex Fraser Bridge to Colebrook Road uses hard packed trails. It is fairly intuitive but if you are worried about this section, give me a call in advance and we can ride through one day or evening
  • South of the border there are mainly quiet, rural roads
  • The section from Fairhaven (South Bellingham) to Samish Island along the Chuckanut Drive and the Samish flats is beautiful


There are service stations and stores at regular intervals along the route. The charming town of Edison (139 km and 160 km) has a number of bakery/cafes HOWEVER it is a “destination” and very busy on weekends. Stopping here often takes 45 – 60 minutes.  A better bet is to pick up food in Fairhaven (South Bellingham) at Hagen’s (on left at 116km) or Stavin’ Sam’s at the 76 gas (on right at 116.5 km). Although Hagen’s is a full supermarket it doesn’t have much in the way of vegetarian sandwiches but, below the sandwiches, they have falafel wraps and cauliflower wraps.


  • Construction on King George Blvd southbound (at 42.5 km for 1.5 km) and northbound (at 241 km for 2.5 km)
  • On Ulrich crossing Imhoff (96 km and 203km) cross traffic is not required to stop.
  • On Ferndale crossing Slater (98.3 km and 207.8). Be safe, be patient and wait for a gap in the traffic.
  • Chuckanut Drive, especially northbound, watch for potholes and longitudinal cracks