Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar, Buddy 23:00 VP Single 82800
Bonga, Anna 24:56 Single 89760
Fowler, Fred 21:41 VP Single 78060
Hirschbold, Markus 20:12 Single 72720
Inouye, Darren 20:01 Single 72060
Johnston, Chad 14:38 Single 52680
Litster, Gord 21:41 VP Single 78060
Martin, Michael 14:38 Single 52680
Nygren, Rob DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 20:12 Single 72720
Stary, Peter 24:04 Single 86640
Townsend, Christopher 24:54 Single 89640
van Wersch, Paul 17:43 Recumbent 63780

A return to a more traditional Island Spring-400.  Mostly on the highway with a few small detours.  

Pre ride report:

This ride starts at the Tim Hortons at the north end of Duncan.  Street parking was close by on Norcross Road.  The controls are located at Gas stations, which gives us the rides name, Gas N Go.  The RWGPS shows 3994m of climbing but on the pre-ride we only recorded 2905m.

Leaving the start you're quickly on the highway heading north. With the early morning departure, there should be minimal traffic until Nanaimo. A nice side trip through Chemainus and back on the highway in Ladysmith.  Caution is needed on some of the bridges as they’re not bike friendly.  It’s a 120m vertical climb up the Nanaimo Parkway. At Woodgrove Mall, you take a pathway to avoid construction on Mary Ellen Drive. A nice 5 km ride into Lantzville before you’re back on the highway. There is a control stop in Nanoose at the Petro Canada station.  Back to the highway, you take the exit into Parksville and follow the old island highway.

Control 2 is at Buckley Bay, a good food, water and washroom stop.  Feeling refreshed, Courtney is not far away.  Here the route follows Headquarters Road through the countryside before returning to Hwy 19A. 

Esso Gas N GO station is the Campbell River control.  Here you should be able to fuel up for your return trip.  Now there is a gentle climb up Jubilee Parkway to the inland highway, halfway, it's time to turn south.  Water up at the Gas N Go control in Cumberland (washroom was not open) before returning to the Hwy for the quick downhill run to Buckley Bay.  The old island highway takes you back to Parksville before joining Highway 19 and on to Nanaimo.  With a couple turns and side roads to avoid the busy downtown, you’re through Nanaimo.  One last control at the Gas N Go in Cedar.  Now it’s 40km to the finish.   The question is, will the 24H Tim Hortons be open for a celebration treat? 

PS: Scariest thing during the ride was a huge bull elk with about a dozen ladies with him south of Campbell River on the Inland Hwy.  He certainly paid close attention to us.

PSS: Three start locations have been set up. 1 Tim Hortons Drinkwater Rd, Duncan, 2 Petro Canada, 2345 Island Highway, Nanoose, 3 Petro Canada, 6856 S Island Highway, Buckley Bay.  When you Register, indicate your start location.