Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar, Buddy 9:28 Single 34080
Ferguson-Martin, Chris 8:23 Single 30180
Fishlock, Graham 9:05 Single 32700
Fowler, Fred 9:47 Single 35220
Galley, Luke 10:29 Single 37740
MacDonald, John 9:15 Single 33300
McLaren, Keith 9:47 Single 35220
Nygren, Rob 11:24 Single 41040
Runkel, Jim 9:05 Single 32700
Sommer, Timothy 9:15 Single 33300
Stary, Peter 9:43 Single 34980
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 9:10 Single 33000
Tilitzky, Michael 12:02 Single 43320
Tough, Murray DNS Single 999999995
Woodley, Darryl 9:15 Single 33300

This version of the "All but Three" takes you on a tour of all but three of our 13 Greater Victoria municipalities.  The primary start will be at Michell farms on Island View Rd in Central Saanich.  The secondary start will be by the Atkins parking lot on the Galloping Goose.  If one starts at Michell's, the randonneur cycles downtown before heading up to and around Land's End.  Enjoy the new shoulder on West Saanich Road all the way to Brentwood Bay!

If one were to start at Atkins, one would soon be treated to an alternate view of the Esquimalt Lagoon, as seen from the Royal Roads side of the water! It is a lovely cycle through second growth forest!

Come out and enjoy the other traffic friendly changes made to this route.