Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 17:48 Single 64080
Baker, Gary 19:19 Single 69540
Bhandar, Buddy 16:10 Single 58200
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Koen, Bob DNF Single 999999998
MacDonald, John DNF Single 999999998
McLaren, Keith DNF Single 999999998
Nichol, Ross DNF Single 999999998
Sparks, Gary 19:19 Single 69540
Stary, Peter 15:56 Single 57360
Tilitzky, Michael 17:48 Single 64080
Tough, Murray 16:02 Single 57720


The Sidney Veloce 300km route is fast and flows very well despite how a map of the route looks visually. Although not a flat route there are nice long easy stretches in between the hills. It was designed to be ridden early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to avoid commercial and commuter traffic on the Pat Bay Highway.

From the pre-ride/drive the route is in good shape with only 3 small construction zones that are inactive on the weekend. The 3 zones are Gordon Head Road adjacent UVic, Hampshire Road and the corner of Feltham and Shelbourne. One should also be aware that McNeil becomes Richardson after Foul Bay.

There will be a primary start location in Sidney. Please find a  parking spot on Resthaven if you drive.  There has been an alternate start point added at Atkins Parking Lot on the Galloping Goose.  Please indicate which location you wish in your registration notes.  

Public CRD water fountains have not been restored as yet. Plan accordingly. We look forward to seeing your results!