Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 23:52 Single 85920
Bhandar, Buddy 21:54 Single 78840
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Nichol, Ross 23:52 Single 85920
Ogawa, Shiro DNF Single 999999998
Sparks, Gary 20:53 Single 75180
Stary, Peter 20:28 Single 73680
Subarsky, Patrick 24:04 Single 86640
Tilitzky, Michael DNF Single 999999998
Tough, Murray 21:35 Single 77700


From July 6th to July 30th, Crofton Road to Chemainus Road (from km 69.1 for 3.5 km),  expect short delays from 7 AM to 5 PM, weekdays only.

From July 9th to July 30th, Yellow Point Road from Long Lake to Whiting Way (from km 101.5 for 6.2 km), 7 AM to 7 PM, weekdays only, possible short delays.

Those people that start in Lantzville will likely miss any possible delays.  Riders who depart from Mill Bay on Thursday, Friday and Monday may be affected.


The Tour of the Bay 400 begins at the Mill Bay Tim Hortons, 825 Deloume Rd.  There is parking along the shoulder of Barry Rd, to the right of the Mill Bay Tim Hortons, up the hill and next to a white fence.  There is also parking along Deloume Rd for several cars, left past the Tim Hortons complex. 

Starting in Mill Bay, Tour of the Bays takes you across the Kinsol Trestle and to several bays in the Cowichan Valley.  With fewer than 20 km of Hwy riding, the route mainly stays to country roads and trail systems.  

True Grain Bakery in Cowichan Bay (km 32) opens at 8:00 am if you are looking for a quick coffee and baked good, as well as the Owl’s Nest Bakery in Chemainus (km 75) opens at 9:00 am.  Owl’s Nest Bakery is also a good stop for water.  After Chemainus the route takes you along several km of gravel on the Cowichan Valley Trail (use caution), then through Ladysmith and out to Yellow Point and Roberts Memorial Park at km 107.9.

The route through Nanaimo and out to Lantzville isn’t the quickest, but it is the most enjoyable, avoiding the main roads. There are lots of turns, be sure to watch your route sheet, and a number of opportunities for drink and food.  

After the Lantzville control at km 150.4 you head back through Nanaimo and then out to Nanaimo Lake.  At km 173.3 you ride along Wakesiah Rd and your last chance for water and an ice cream for 50 km.  As you approach the Nanaimo Lake Logging Gate and control at km 195.4 there are 100 metres of deep loose gravel. Bob Goodison would tell you to take it at speed, I tend to use the precautionary principle and ride it slow and unclipped.  The Logging Gate is your turn around point and you head back the way you came, back through Ladysmith, Chemainus and the north end of Duncan.

The Oyster Bay Esso/Tim Hortons at around km 222.0 on Hwy 1 is a great stop for food and drinks.  At km 264.2 there is a 24 hour Tim Hortons at Drinkwater Rd and the Hwy AND possibly your last chance for food until the Duncan 24 hour 7Eleven at km 377.9.  The Cowichan Lake Country Grocer is open until 9:00 pm, the Tim Hortons closes at 8:00 pm and is driver-through only.  Be sure to fuel up in Duncan before heading out to Lake Cowichan, Gordon Bay, and Youbou.

Lake Cowichan Rd isn’t my favourite on a busy Saturday or Sunday afternoon,  but if you left Mlll Bay in the early morning, you should be on this stretch in late evening as the sun is fading as you you ride out to Gordon Bay Provincial Park.  There is water at the Day Use Area which is 50 metres past the control, just past the washroom building and on the left.  It’s also a good place to take a nap on one of the picnic tables. 

Back to Lake Cowichan and out to Youbou, and then finally, on your way back through Duncan, a quick stop at the 7Eleven for a large half-coffee half-hot-chocolate, a little loop though Cobble hill and back to Mill Bay.

Enjoy the ride!!

Mark, Stephen, Graham, Michael