Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Fingler, Colin 21:36 Single 77760
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 25:40 Single 92400
Malek, Alard 25:40 Single 92400
Mudrakoff, Jeff 24:38 Single 88680
Nygren, Rob 23:02 Single 82920
Quesnel, Guy 21:29 Single 77340
Sparks, Gary 24:38 Single 88680

A ride to visit the parallels--Ladysmith on the 49th, Campbell River on the 50th.  Only 111km seperate the two on the map, yet you can ride 400km to visit them.  Two start locations are offered--Nanaimo, heading south, and Comox, heading north.  Both of these starts allow you to see both parallel markers in daylight.  The route mostly follows the old Island highway, with some sidetrips into Nanoose, Little River, and Cumberland. 

  • Nanoose control at Beachcomber Regional Park:  the park info sign is a little tucked in, and may be hard to see.  Look for house 1326 Marina Way.  It is just over the crest of a small hill.  The trail into the park is across the road (left side) from this driveway.  The info sign is near the road, portapotty a little further back.
  • Campbell River control.  The 50th Parallel marker is right by the highway, and hard to miss.  The control is at the info sign on the Seawalk path 10 metres south of the main marker.