Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Barreyre, Bernard FIN Single 999999993
Bhandar, Buddy DNS Single 999999995
Campbell, Dave FIN Single 999999993
Croy, Michael FIN Single 999999993
Gidney, Holland FIN Single 999999993
Hinde, Carol FIN Single 999999993
Hinde, Stephen FIN Single 999999993
Hovey, Paul FIN Single 999999993
LaRose, Joyce FIN Single 999999993
Litster, Gord FIN Single 999999993
Macmurchie, Dave DNS Single 999999995
Payten, Mark FIN Single 999999993
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) FIN Single 999999993

This year, the club is hosting a 65km 'Ride of Rememberance' in addition to the 200 km brevet.There is no fee for the social ride. The only requirement is the $10 club membership which you can pay on line.

The controls for this ride will focus on the significance of this day.   Click on any of the links to find out more about the controls. 

The rider's route will start at Beacon Hill Park totem pole.  This is the site of the BC Indians World Wars Memorial. The cyclists will then progress to 'The Homecoming'  control on Wharf Street. They will stop briefly at the Saanich Cenotaph at the Municipal Hall before heading off to Wallace Road where they  will pass Heal's Rifle Range on the west side of the road.

The main focus of this ride is the control at the BC Aviation Museum.  This memorial was dedicated this year to Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray V.C., a pilot and one of the last Canadians to fall in World War 2. The memorial also recognizes all of the Canadian pilots that served on British aircraft carriers during the war.

The route then takes us back into Victoria where cyclists will stop at the B.C. Afghanistan Memorial.  Here, they can reflect on current world circumstances.

The final stop will be at the Beagle Pub on Cook street.