Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar, Buddy 23:37 Single 85020
Campbell, Dave 22:31 Single 81060
Fowler, Fred 22:37 VP Single 81420
Litster, Gord 22:37 VP Single 81420
Martin, Michael 14:28 Single 52080
Nichol, Ross 23:37 Single 85020
Nygren, Rob 24:35 Single 88500
Payten, Mark 23:37 Single 85020
Stary, Peter 18:58 Single 68280
Testemale, Phil 18:06 Single 65160
Tough, Murray DNF Single 999999998
van Wersch, Paul 19:44 Recumbent 71040

Pre ride report from Gord Litster (bolding by SH)

    Fred Fowler and I rode the Highway to Hell volunteer pre-ride on Wednesday April 27 and enjoyed the route.  Although some riders would be put off my so much highway riding the traffic leaving Mill Bay at 6 am was light.  I would expect even less on a Saturday morning. It was cool with frost still on all the roofs as we passed through Duncan.  I would suggest you walk your bike up the very short, steep path of Philips Road at the 19.9 km mark as there is some loose sand etc.. Note there is some road construction on Westholme Road but no work was being done when we passed through and I would expect the same Saturday morning. I also enjoy the ride along Chemainus Road and today was no different.  The control at 104.9 was a nice break with picnic table and chairs available.  We purchased a large water bottle and stashed it behind some bushes for our return hours later.  As always Northwest Bay Road was a delight and there is a spectacular display of purple flowers as you enter Parksville.  There is a very pleasant diversion of the highway in Parksville along Temple that both Fred and I noted.  Be mindful of all the narrow bridge crossings, we wisely chose the sidewalks here.  After Qualicum Beach the traffic was very light on the old highway.  This is a long, easy, scenic stretch to Courtenay.  A leisurely stop at the Buckley Bay Petrocan/Subway we again bought a large water and the clerk was kind enough to store it for us until we returned.
    Arriving in Courtenay late afternoon the traffic was the most we saw all day, this all but disappeared once we were at the turnaround in Comox.  There is a little road construction in Courtenay just before the Tim Horton’s.  It felt good to be on our way back and Fred led the charge down the speedy Veteran’s Memorial Parkway (what fun).  At Royston we had rain and were a little too optimistic thinking it was going to didn’t.  Back at Buckley Bay we topped off our water, had a well deserved butter tart, put on rain pants and we were off again.  After another hour in the rain it stopped and we were soon back on Northwest Bay Road knowing we would be soon be at the last control.  We were fortunate to have our friend Keith meet us here with dry socks, new gloves and a thermos of soup (what a friend).  It was not a very efficient stop but we warm again and ready for the last hundred km.  It was a pleasant but slow ride back to the finish.  We rolled in at 4:37am...we were done!!  The last several hours had gotten very cold and our progress was slow.
    Services along the way north are plentiful.  Here are some to be aware of on your ride south. 
Petrocan Buckley Bay closes at 10:00
Qualicum Beach Shell is 24 hours but service through a window.
Petrocan Nanoose (Control 3) 24 hours
Ladysmith Shell is 24 hours but service through a window.
Duncan 7Eleven is 24hr (marked on route sheet)

Note that many traditional 24hr services now have restricted hours.  Plan your evening/night rides accordingly!  Alternate start in Comox or Nanoose available.

In the old days, the 400km in PBP years was designed to be straightforward, but not so interesting.  We've dredged the archives, and reworked the old 'Highway to Hell'.  Starting in Mill Bay, it's up the highway to Courtenay.  Well, let's detour into Cowichan Bay, around Duncan, into Chemainus, through Cedar, visit Lantzville, to our first control in Nanoose.  Continue on NW Bay Rd to pick up the old highway to Courtenay where we do a small loop in Comox to control 2 at the new 24hr Tim Hortons by the new hospital.  Returning south along the old highway, services will be limited as few businesses are open past 8pm.  Onto NW Bay Rd again, to rejoin the main highway at control 3 in Nanoose.  The route takes us through the middle of Nanaimo where you will pass a few 24hr gas stations.  Back out through Cedar and south to Chemainus.  We drop down to Chemainus Rd to avoid the narrow highway bridge.  We then take Somenos Rd into Duncan, heading south through Cobble Hill to the finish in Mill Bay.

Yes, a lot of highway.  It all has good shoulder, and hopefully we've missed the worst stretches with our detours.  But on the plus side, the route sheet is shorter than the 300!