Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bernhardt, Luis 10:29 Single 37740
Bilinski, Jacques 12:05 Single 43500
Buckoll, Erin 12:57 Single 46620
Cullum, Chris 10:46 VP Single 38760
Gottlieb, Mike 12:17 Single 44220
Ignacio, Malou DNF VP Tandem 999999998
King, Dave 10:46 VP Single 38760
Lynch, Cheryl 11:45 Single 42300
Monaghan, Barry DNF Single 999999998
Nybom, Chris ??:??* Single 999999997
Oswald, John DNF VP Tandem 999999998
Parke, Dan 10:39 Single 38340
Press, Nigel 8:51 Single 31860
Rapier, Andrew 8:51 Single 31860

Le Tour is in full swing and Summit Finish 200 is back after a 4 year hiatus. This year will again start at Crema Cafe in West Vancouver and finish at the Crazy Raven on top of Cypress Mountain. To mitigate the full stretch to Squamish on the Sea to Sky Hwy the turnaround will be just 20km past Horseshoe Bay at Porteau Cove. The extra kms are made up with a familiar loop around UBC and the Arbutus Greenway. The fun starts on the return to the North Shore with Controls at Deep Cove, Seymour Dam, Grouse Gondola Base and finally Cypress Nordic and Alpine via the British Properties.

Pre-Ride Notes:

The pre-ride was completed on Wednesday July 5. Weather was very hot (high of 30deg+) but generally quite manageable. Stay on top of fuel and hydration! It is forcast to be hot on Saturday but a few degrees cooler at least.

The ride out to Porteau Cove was relatively mild traffic early in the morning. The 1st Control is at the Boat Launch at the Porteau Cove Marine Park. Take the left off off of Sea to Sky to access (do not take off exit right to Porteau Rd, 2km earlier). There are washrooms (past 1st washrooms that are closed) and water. 

Return on the Sea to Sky was fine as well. The shoulder was not bad, but as always exercise caution for debris and drainage grates. Try to moderate your effort on the Sea to Sky and Marine Dr rollers as the bulk of the climbing is after 140km.

The second Control is on Old Marine Dr west of the UBC Botanical Gardens (bear right at path behind concrete barrier to access road) . There are washrooms there and the Control will potentially be manned. Look for the washrooms and stairs to Wreck Beach on the right, don't go flying by it.

Continue on Marine Dr until a left at 49th Ave until intersecting the Arbutus Greenway (immediately after West Boulevard). Continue on the Greenway (including detour at Broadway for construction) until a left on Fir. The next part passes Granville Island, False Creek and links up with Adanac Bikeway (water filling station just past Templeton Park on Adanac) which you will follow until Cassiar Bike Route takes you to the Second Narrows Bridge.

The next Control is Deep Cove where there is a large scale construction project. Follow detour signs. Control at any of the local shops: doughnuts, gelato, espresso, bike shop, etc.

Head over to the car free tranquility of the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Control is at the Dam. Water is available at gazebo at the start (coming and going). Take care descending the gravel path to the Rice Lake bridge and respect the "walk bicycles" sign accross the bridge. Prepare to gear down for the steep climb going west on Dempsey Rd. If you're running low on energy grab some supplies at the store at Lynn Valley before heading up the hill.

The next control is at the Grouse Gondola base just in front of the Starbucks. It's not super long but the last km or so is pretty steep. After contolling there, sweep back downhill and then make a right to Cleveland Dam. There is a water fountain there as well. Once crossing the dam head up the steepish gravel road to bring you into the British Properties. Enjoy the twists and turns and magnificent views but watch for stop signs (that are sometimes hidden). After the rollercoaster ride on Chippendale Rd take a sharp righ onto Cypress Bowl Rd. You join the road shortly before the 4km marker on the main climb. It's a steady climb from that point with a couple false flats. After the 12km point there is slight downhill and then a sharp right to the Cypress Nordic Area. Control is at the ski rental building beside the washrooms. Continue on towards the Cypress Alpine area. This part is basically flat until the Lodge. Continue right, past the lodge, all the way to the gravel and the Crazy Raven Bar Grill. That is the finish control. The bar closes at 18:30 but the organzer should be there until the Control closing time of 20:30.

See you Saturday,

Bonne Route!