Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary DNS Single 999999995
Bush, Debbie 21:51 Single 78660
Fergusson, Eric 25:17 Single 91020
Gottlieb, Mike 18:12 Single 65520
Hagen, Mike 17:26 VP Single 62760
Hossack, Étienne 15:34 Single 56040
King, Dave 17:26 VP Single 62760
Mudrakoff, Jeff 19:59 Single 71940
Nichol, Ross 21:51 Single 78660
Ogden, Russel 17:26 VP Single 62760
Premack, Craig 16:09 Single 58140
Qi, Douglas 17:17 Single 62220
Rapier, Andrew 15:34 Single 56040
Stary, Peter 16:09 Single 58140
van Wersch, Paul 16:34 Recumbent 59640
Xue, Dong 24:33 Single 88380

Monday, July 17 Update:  The RwGPS map and the cue sheet are current as of 5:00 p.m.

This is the LM Centenary 400 and we will keep it simple by re-running the Fraser Valley Meander but with some changes to freshen it up.  We will travel from the Scottish resaurant on the corner of Boundary and Lougheed more-or-less directly to Hope.  We will then return on the south side of the Fraser River with a side-trip up to the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park campsite.  There are a few meanders to keep things interesting, particularly in Coquitlam, Haney, Nicomen, Flood Hope, and Aldergrove.  We will get onto the Cloverdale Greenway for a bit as well.  There may be revisions to the map and route sheet following the pre-ride, so check back here for updates 

Pre-ride report:  Dave King, Russel Ogden, and I did the pre-ride on Thursday, July 13.  It was hot and windy!  We made really good time to Hope.  It's a fast course.  Headwinds back to Chilliwack were not bad; they were canceled a little bit by the draft from the traffic on Hwy 1.  Fixing a flat at the side of the highway was not so fun though.  The climb to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and campground is fairly gradual except for some steeper bits (worse is 13% for a couple hundred meters after the Chilliwack River Hatchery).  Traffic was not bad, the road is rough after the hatchery, and swirling, gusty headwinds at the campground were a bit of a surprise.  The route is pretty standard after getting back onto Vedder Mountain Road and heading west through Abbotsford and Langley.

Some changes have been made to the route.  v.3.1 features Mt Lehman Rd instead of Ross Rd between Huntingdon Rd and the Fraser Highway.  There's more traffic on Mt Lehman but much less climbing and no steep grades!  The Hydro Connector Trail is removed due to the dry, soft gravel surface.  Instead, stay on 53 Ave and CO to 54 Ave.  176 St replaces 168 St between the Fraser Highway and 96th Ave.  There's more traffic but there is a wide shoulder.  168 St is two lanes only and no shoulder for part of the way.  176 St has a steeper climb, but at least the sun won't be in your eyes if you are there at sunset.

The route does not have a lot of climbing.  There is some: Mt Woodside, Chilliwack Lake Road, and getting back through Langley and Surrey.  RwGPS says 3200 m, but my Garmin only registered 2400 m during the pre-ride.

If it is hot on ride day, please drink lots of water.  Don't miss the Woodside Spring at km 108.  We got water from the DQ soda pop dispensing machine at Hope and the Esso at Popkum.  There are taps at Thompson Regional Park and the Flora Loop in the campground when you are up the Chilliwack River Road. There is a tap at Pioneer Park in Yarrow, or go to the Petro Can.  There is a tap at the back of the Centrex Go Market by the restroom.  And there is a water fountain at Tynehead Park.  Services are reasonably frequent along the route, but stock up at Hope, Chilliwack, and Yarrow.

We will staff the start in the McDonalds parking lot at Boundary and Lougheed, but we do not plan to staff the finish (though check back for updates!).  Please self sign when you finish.  Please text me at 640-229-5693 if you abandon; the number is on your route sheet.  4th Ave is signed for 2-hr parking, but go north up Kootenay if you plan to park for the day.

ACP Centenary 400 pins will be awarded to all finishers.