Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Cullum, Chris 35:05 Single 126300
Gottlieb, Mike DNS Single 999999995
Hartline, Andrew 23:56 Single 86160
Hasker, Tom DNF Single 999999998
Hossack, Étienne 26:55 Single 96900
King, Dave 35:05 Single 126300
Nygren, Rob DNF Single 999999998
Person, Ed DNF Single 999999998
Poon, Dara 37:05 Single 133500
Press, Nigel 26:55 Single 96900
Qi, Douglas 39:57 Single 143820
Rapier, Andrew 29:00 Single 104400
van Wersch, Paul 35:00 Recumbent 126000

Contact organizer if you want to start in Coquitlam.

Route sheet and RideWithGPS updated.


If you are riding the Centennial Trail at night, pay attendtion. There are bollards on all the road crossings.  Some crossings with bollards are just farm tracks and will be hard to see.


The overnight control will be at the Fairground Inn in Monroe Washington. We will have food.

There are two events at the Monroe Fairgrounds that weekend and the hotels will be fully booked.

As of May 24, there are still rooms available at the Fairgrounds Inn.


Street parking is best. There is no overnight parking in the lots but srreet parking should be fine, preferably on the river side of the street so as not to upset the residents.

Drop bags:

It is getting increasling difficult to cross the border with other people's belonging. I will carry a change of shorts, shirt, tire, tube but nothing else.  No powders, no food.