Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 9:26 Single 33960
DuFeu, Dan 7:18 Single 26280
Fidler, Devin 9:26 Single 33960
Fishlock, Graham 8:42 Single 31320
Gallazin, Sarah 9:14 Single 33240
Hackett, Iain 8:42 Single 31320
Haynes, Melissa 9:39 Single 34740
Jansson, Mikael 10:37 Single 38220
Lach, David 10:22 Single 37320
Livingstone, David 12:13 Single 43980
Lynch, Cheryl 10:07 Single 36420
Macmurchie, Dave 11:46 Single 42360
Mahovlic, Steve 9:50 Single 35400
Mighton, Kristy 7:18 Single 26280
Munro, Don 11:46 Single 42360
Nygaard, Lorraine 11:42 Single 42120
Payten, Mark 8:39 Single 31140
Penner, Laura 9:27 Single 34020
Penner, Ron 9:27 Single 34020
Press, Nigel 10:07 Single 36420
Scrimgeour, Rob 9:12 Single 33120
Suttill, David 9:26 Single 33960
Szarecki, Maciej 12:13 Single 43980
Tilitzky, Michael 9:28 Single 34080
White, David 7:18 Single 26280

The roads were in good repair but there were a number of pot holes on some of the country roads. Carry at least two spare tubes - just in case.

If you need a bike repair or a tube there is a bike store after making the left turn (73.8) on to Shawnigan Lake Rd. The bike store is on the right up the hill.

Suggest you fuel up on the way through Lake Cowichan. There is a Country Grocer on the North (right) side of the Cowichan Lake Rd as you enter Cowichan Lake and a A&W on the south (left) side after the bridge on your way to Gordon Bay Park. After you leave Cowichan Lake on your way back, there are not many places to fuel up, until Chemainus.