Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Banks, Debra 38:14 Single 137640000
Cullum, Chris 33:44 Single 121440000
den Braber, Rick 37:34 Single 135240000
Fergusson, Eric 33:44 Single 121440000
Hagen, Mike 33:21 Single 120060000
Hartline, Andrew 25:51 Single 93060000
Ignacio, Malou 33:44 Tandem 121440000
Lynch, Cheryl 33:48 Tandem 121680000
Oswald, John 33:44 Tandem 121440000
Oxborough, Kyle DNF Single 999999999
Press, Nigel 33:48 Tandem 121680000
Siemens, Diella 35:47 Single 128820000
Thompson, Corey DNF Single 999999999

Please book your own accommodation. However, you may want to try "cycling through" on this 600km because there isn't a lot of climbing. There is a great opportunity to work on your peloton skills on Vye road and Zero ave.

No worries if you are arriving by car. The Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre said you can park anywhere on their lot.