Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 21:36 Single 77760
Callow, Moishe 16:17 Single 58620
Hagen, Mike 16:17 Single 58620
Hinde, Stephen 20:15 Single 72900
Jansson, Mikael 20:15 Single 72900
Nichol, Ross 20:15 Single 72900
Payten, Mark 20:15 Single 72900
Stary, Peter 17:16 Single 62160
Stedman, Roxanne 20:15 Single 72900
White, David 20:15 Single 72900

Building on the Coombs-Cumberland Explorer (200), the PentaC Cruise starts in North Nanaimo, goes through Top Bridge Park in Parksville (short gravel section and suspension footbridge) past Coombs to Little Qualicum Falls (short gravel section)then up the old highway to Royston and in to Cumberland, back through Courtenay, through Comox to the ferry terminal, then up to Campbell River and the old road to Gold River. Just outside town, come back down the Gold River highway (big fun descent) and back down the old highway to Qualicum Beach. Follow the bike route to Parksville, then go by Northwest Bay and around Fairwinds. Back into Nanaimo to Chase River (south Nanaimo) and then follow the bike route north to the finish in North Nanaimo.

UPDATE 7MAY Modified final 15km to miss construction.

Park on Applecross.