Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 17:54 Single 64440
Bonga, Anna 18:44 Single 67440
den Braber, Rick 17:54 Single 64440
Ferguson-Martin, Chris 14:40 Single 52800
Hagen, Mike 18:44 Single 67440
Tilitzky, Michael 18:08 Single 65280
Tough, Murray 14:51 Single 53460

Inspired by the Sidney Veloce, this 300 uses more trails (gravel), less highway, and not quite so many turns.  So be prepared for the long run to the very end of the Galloping Goose Trail at Leechtown.  Admire fir forests, rushing rivers, majestic mountains, and salty (Salish) seas, and the big one, the most Eastern point on Vancouver Island.  Low traffic, low climbing, but the gravel does drag a bit.  (I rode on 25mm's, but you might be more comfortable on a slightly wider tire. You can always walk the 2 steepish hills near Sooke, but the descent is trickier than the ascent.)

Water is available now in CRD parks, so public drinking fountains will be on, and there are services at reasonable distances.

Parking in Sidney is limited near the start--try Resthaven a couple of blocks out.  An alternate start at the Atkins Rd Parking area is available--indicate your start location in your registation notes.