Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 13:15 Tandem 47700
Bilinski, Jacques 16:24 Single 59040
Bonga, Anna 15:58 Single 57480
Cross, Peter DNF Single 999999998
den Braber, Rick 14:35 Single 52500
Fingler, Colin 15:58 Single 57480
Inouye, Darren 15:40 Single 56400
King, Dave 15:04 VP Single 54240
Lefneski, Mark DNF Single 999999998
McCall, Hugh 17:38 Single 63480
Mohebi, Hosein DNF Single 999999998
Monaghan, Barry DNS Single 999999995
Mudrakoff, Jeff DNS Single 999999995
Ogden, Russel 13:02 Single 46920
Patton, Neil DNS Single 999999995
Person, Ed 14:35 Single 52500
Press, Nigel 13:15 Tandem 47700
Sparks, Gary DNS Single 999999995
Subarsky, Patrick 15:58 Single 57480
van Wersch, Paul 15:04 VP Recumbent 54240
Zago, Luciano DNS Single 999999995

Update Friday July 22 - please ensure you have my phone number in your phone. 778 835 9319. It is on the very bottom of the route sheet, though if you printed off the route sheet before Tuesday, it may not be on your copy. I will message again tomorrow at ride start. See everyone before 6 at McDonalds.

Lower Mainland summer 300 Preride

This route has a whole bunch of new roads......but only for those whose short term memory is lacking. Many of you will know these roads like the back of your hand. Regardless, the route was very enjoyable on the pre ride.

The day started off with a forecast of 60% showers throughout the lower mainland and it held true. The rain jacket was on again off again many times in the first 4-5 hours. Paul and I experienced the first rainfall at km 3.5, right in my neigborhood. The early morning hours were mostly car free; perhaps the rain forecast had people choosing to sleep in. We spied the first rainstorm from the Pitt River bridge and luckily it was up at Pitt Lake.  It looked menacing, but from afar. But soon after, all the rain gear came on by Dewdney Trunk Road. And then off. And then on.

By the time we descended into Hatzic Valley (aka valley of maximum moisture) we had a beautiful summer shower. At the first control on Hartley Road, we saw the first of many similar setups we would see throughout the day; wedding season. Lots of couples tying the knot. And what used to be a second growth forest on Hartley is now the start of a major construction project. They are currently sifting some beautiful surface soils, likely for use elsewhere. Back up out of the valley on the biggest climb of the day and it was still raining a bit.

By the time we rode through Mission, the rain had eased and the rest of our day was a nice mix of cloud, wind and a bit of sun. Mission bridge sidewalk still has lots of debris on it, worse at the beginning.

Over towards Yarrow and Majuba Hill Road, we found a great place for a staffed control. On July 23, Paul is planning to be at Wilson Road where it becomes Majuba Hill Road (right after the train tracks). Paul mentioned something about Paris Brest (the baked good, not the ride) and for those who have ridden a ride that Paul has been volunteering on, they know baked goods are always a possibility. For whatever reason, if we cannot have someone at the control, the backup plan will be an info question on the control card.

As we continued west on the preride, we had some pretty steady winds from the SW, and those played into our favor after we turned north and east from Tsawwassen. As we rode the southern limit of the route, we saw lots of raspberries ripe on the vine. Blueberries are still a bit early. Thimbleberries were ready for the picking, and salmonberries still ripe, but mainly on the outgoing leg of the ride. Speaking of one of my favorite subjects, food, there is not a lot right on this route. There was a great little fruit stand just west of the gas station on Huntingdon. There were several smaller fruit stand locations, and in Tsawwassen the route goes right by a Save On Foods. All alternatives to the gas stations we so often frequent. If you know of other good choices for food along this route, let me know, as I would be happy to share on the event page.

Back to the route...the Dyke Trail was pretty awesome, lined in the first few kms with flowering wild pea plants. The earlier rains also knocked the dust down. All was quiet as we finished off the kms through Delta/Ladner, Alex Fraser Bridge, New West and Burnaby. The end of the line is another gourmet delight at the McDonalds. Please self sign for that one on ride day. Parking for the event is best on 4th Ave and the connector street up to 2 Ave.

Cautions for the route (above and beyond the usual):

Km 40.3 - if you choose to ride on the multi-use trail, there are a number of intersections you must cross, some of them with limited approach sight lines. We encountered cars who were not watching for bikes. The road offers the usual hazards. The choice is yours to make.

Km 79.7 - Stave Lake Rd has a number of potholes in the first 2 kms. Be aware.

Km 105.3 - Murray Street had construction on the preride. There was no work taking place on the weekend, but you may be rerouted (with signage) during ride day. There may be an option to use the sidewalk, and it is less than 200m if you have to.

Km 123 – Sumas Mountain Rd – steep descent with tight corners at bottom. Reduce speed if unfamiliar with this road.

Km 140.3 for approximately 4k - for those who rode the LM 600 in the spring, you have been on Majuba Hill Rd lately. For all others, watch out for pavement drops (hidden by shade), lane shutdown marked by cones, and an angled railroad track crossing at the bottom of a steep descent.

Km 215.5 - Angled railroad track and again returning at km 217.1

Km 220 (approximately one km before turn on to King George Blvd and construction zone) - lots of single lane traffic, really backed up. Take it easy when passing in the bike lane on the right. A number of the cars were on the edge of the bike lane and some in the bike lane. Same when crossing over Nicomekl River Bridge on King George Highway.

Km 230-247 – some bollards (trail end) and one gate which is a ride around but has soft gravel.  Other sections with minor sections of loose gravel.

Km 278-279 – this will be darkness for some, and there are 3 bollards as you transition from Frontage Rd to the bike route.

Km 280-283 – Alex Fraser Bridge – when descending, you will see the yellow/black caution sign with left facing arrow. Slow down, this is a hard left on the sidewalk.

Km 283 -284 – Annacis Channel Bridge – there is a chain link fence on the sidewalk where you are required to make a 90 degree right turn to descend the pedestrian ramp. Be cautious even if you have ridden this, and extra cautious if you have not ridden this. People do not expect to have a chain link fence in front of them as they proceed on a sidewalk, and this one has no cautionary signage.

Km 287 – Queensborough Bridge – not a caution, but as you approach the north end of the bridge, there is a pedestrian ramp that is a 90 degree left turn. Do not take this one. Stay straight on the main sidewalk and it will bear left before bringing you off the bridge and onto the solid ground of 7th Avenue.

Km 289.6 – again not a caution, but as you approach Moody Park, you can either bear left or right on to pathways. Take the one to the left. Both will get you to 8th Street, and the left one leads you past a water fountain in the park.

That is it for the pre ride. We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd for the LM Summer 300.