Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Andrusiek, Dug DNF Single 999999998
Baker, Gary 17:11 Single 61860
Bhandar, Buddy 16:18 VP Single 58680
Bilinski, Jacques 17:11 Single 61860
den Braber, Rick 17:11 Single 61860
Fowler, Fred 16:38 VP Single 59880
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Litster, Gord DNF Single 999999998
MacDonald, John 14:13 Single 51180
Martin, Michael 11:05 Single 39900
Nygren, Rob 16:43 Single 60180
Payten, Mark 16:38 VP Single 59880
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) DNS Single 999999995
Testemale, Phil 12:55 Single 46500
Tough, Murray 14:54 Single 53640
Woodley, Darryl 14:13 Single 51180

The Sidney Veloce 300 2022 edition has one major change from previous editions due to a washout on Chalet Road.  The route flows well as right hand turns were used as much as possible.  One is able to make some good time early that should allow for a relatively quick 300.  There is 10 km of gravel bike paths put are hard packed and in good shape.  I ride them all the time with 700x26 tyres.  With less than 2200 meters of climbing the route is has a number of relatively flat, fast sections. 

Pre-ride Report

It was a beautiful morning as Fred, Buddy and I left Tim Horton's in Sidney last Thursday at 6 am and headed south down the Pat Bay Highway.  We found the roads in decent shape.  There was a normal amount of debris on the roadways. The public WCs were all open.  The big news was that the Capital Regional District (CRD) has turned on the taps at their water fountains on the trails!  This is the first time since Covid!

Because of road construction at Mt. Newton Cross Rd and the highway, we navigated the first change to the route of the past, by exiting on Amity Road and turning left on Bourne Rd.  We continued south until we entered Hwy 17 at Tanner Road. As it was a weekday, there was plenty of traffic.  Exercise caution at the major intersections, especially the one at Mackenzie.  There will be a lot less traffic between 6am and 7am on Saturday.

We exited the highway at Vernon to make our way to the first control at Columbine and Interurban. What a relief that this will be a staffed control this year.  Information control questions have always been rather difficult to find here!

There is a detour that will take you off and back on the trail before you get to Atkins Station.  It is well marked in real life, on the cue sheet and in the digital data on your device.  Crossing Sooke road onto Happy Valley Rd, use the pedestrian crosswalk on the left and then cross Happy Valley to get to the bike lane.    At Esquimalt Road and CFB Esquimalt, we will be using Colville rather than the E&N Ttrail for two long blocks.  This saves the rider from a rather strange crossing pattern to remain on the trail. You are back on the trail again just before Lampson.

The next change is because of last November’s “atmospheric river”.  A creek bed was utterly changed, and a bridge disappeared on Chalet Rd in North Saanich.  They are rebuilding the creek bed before building a new bridge.  So, we go up Tatlow to get to West Saanich Rd. rather than turning on Birch, as in the past.

The route diverges from the past on East Saanich Rd where the rider will be turning left on Veyaness to get to Keating Cross Rd.  There are no more changes to the route.  The finish is a long straight run from Royal Oak Avenue in Saanich to Sidney.

Enjoy the ride.