Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Crockford, Jonathan 7:59 Single 28740
Fillinger, Ian DNS Single 999999995
Fowler, Fred 10:04 Single 36240
Humphreys, Kevin 10:56 Single 39360
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 12:44 Single 45840
MacDonald, John 8:15 Single 29700
Malek, Alard 12:44 Single 45840
McLaren, Keith 10:04 Single 36240
Morse, Josh 10:59 Single 39540
Mudrakoff, Jeff 10:04 Single 36240
Nygren, Rob 11:35 Single 41700
Ogawa, Shiro 12:05 Single 43500
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 10:05 Single 36300
Willis, Dan 12:45 Single 45900
Woodley, Darryl 8:10 Single 29400

 Start options:  James Island Ferry, Central Saanich; or Galloping Goose Regional Park, Atkins Rd, View Royal

Thanksgiving Brevet

The route will take you through farming, fishing and logging country as the brevet winds through North Saanich to the western reaches of Otter Point.  . Because it is the Marathon weekend the route avoids the city of Victoria. However, if you wish,  a two day ultra event would be possible with the 200 km ride on the Saturday and the 42 km run on Sunday just by registering for the second event as well!

There will be two start locations  that participants might require  no or less driving from their residences.  One start will be at the pier at the end of James Island Rd in Central Saanich. The other will be at Atkins Station on the Galloping Goose in View Royal. Both locations have parking. There is water and are also toilets at Atkins Station.  There is water and there are also bathrooms in the park behind the Marigold Café close to James Island Rd  on Lochside Drive.  The latter location is also close to a hotel and  motel for those of you who will be travelling.

Included is copy of the RwGPS route for your perusal.  

If you have any further questions, please contact one of the organizers.