Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 12:01 Single 43260
Barr, Susan 10:26 Single 37560
Bernhardt, Luis 9:51 Single 35460
Bonga, Anna 12:15 VP Single 44100
Chase, Barry 13:26 Single 48360
Hagen, Mike 9:55 VP Single 35700
Henderson, Tobin DNF Single 999999998
Jackman, Patrick 8:44 Single 31440
King, Dave 8:44 Single 31440
Knox, Felipe 8:44 Single 31440
Kong, Xiangzhou 9:08 Single 32880
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 13:26 Single 48360
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho 12:34 Single 45240
Mudrakoff, Jeff 12:01 Single 43260
Neifer, Roy DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 8:54 Single 32040
Poon, Dara 8:44 Single 31440
Sandeen, Andrea 11:11 Single 40260
Siemens, Mike 10:50 Single 39000
Smith, Cameron 11:56 Tandem 42960
Smith, Greg 11:56 Tandem 42960
Yu, Sam DNS Single 999999995
Zhao, Hongjie DNS Single 999999995

This is the first permanent route that I designed back in 2017, P#137, which I've always found to be quite engaging.  It took a few tries to find a good way through Abbotsford--let me know what you think of the current routing!  It has been ridden 14 times by six different people.

I made three tweaks to the route: we will take the Delta Greenway all the way from the Alex Fraser Bridge by Planet Ice to Colebrook Road; we'll go directly by the Birchwood Diary as this is a nicer stop for lunch or toilets than the control at the Chevron/Starbucks across from the Yellow Barn (which is still closed); and we'll end at my house.

The brevet is otherwise unsupported.  I may tweak the route further or adjust the cue sheet after the pre-ride, which we are doing on Friday the 29th, so please check back.

Pre-ride report:

Raining at the start, but it cleared and warmed up.  We got sunburnt.  Don't forget your sunblock!  Anna left two hours before me.  I was sure I'd catch up by midway, but it didn't happen.  I passed her with only 5 km to go.

I've made some tweaks to the map and the cuesheet.  Main ones are a re-routing to avoid the hill on 168th up from 32nd at km 41.  We'll now go south on 160th to 28th.  160th is busier, but it has a side path.  I've also re-routed onto McCallum and Farmer at km 87.5 as Vye was fairly busy.

There are several areas of construction, particularly on 152nd and on 168th between 20th and 16th.  There are sidepaths in both areas, use them if necessary.  There is construction on Hwy 11 between Valley and Bateman at km 127.  Please be cautious there.

The North Delta Greenway and Lower Trail between km 22 and Colebrook Road at km 31 was in really good condition but for a few soft spots from recent heavy rain.  The route is fairly intuitive. Just keep right and continue on to the south.  There is a new pathway off the paved bit between Bates Road and Blake Dr at km 24 -- don't take that!

Two controls on the route: The first is the southwest corner of 8 Ave and 176 Street.  The Campbell River Store is across the streets if you need services.  The second contol is at the Yellow Barn, which is still closed.  There is a large "For Lease" sign on the building.  There are services across the road at the Chevron/White Spot/Starbucks if you need anything.  There are not a lot of services along the border (the GoMarket at the Centrex at Columbia and Huntingdon (km 85) is the only place).  The 40 km stretch between Abbotsford and Fort Langley has nothing.  Stock up at Abbotsford if you need to.

The Finish Control is at Anna's and my house, 265 Gamma Ave North.  We will have ice cream and pie at the finish if it's a nice day, and warm, hearty soup if it is not!  If you drive to the start, there is parking along Gamma Ave.  There is also a parking lot at Confederation Park at the north end of Beta which should be open.

The cuesheet is final.  Please ensure you have the 29-June-2024 version.